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Family Christian School Preschool is focused on developmentally appropriate practices, based on knowledge about how children develop and learn. We employ multiple learning approaches and believe children thrive when authentic relationships are formed between each child and his/her teacher, family, and community. Our intentional, nurturing environments open the door to each child's imagination, curiosities, and love of learning. Our program engages the whole child with developmentally appropriate materials. Our integrated and emergent curriculum gives our children ownership of their learning with the support of our teachers.  


We believe that your child is one of God's most precious beings and He created each one of us for an incredibly special part in His plan. It is our goal that our school will help the children at FCS to become enthusiastic learners, both spiritually and academically, so that they may become independent, self-confident, and gain a true love of learning that will remain with them throughout their entire lifetime. We want our school to nourish their souls, as well as their minds. 

Our curriculum identifies specific goals in the following areas of development: Spiritually by expanding their love of God and others with a prayerful life, moral development, and service to others; Socially by feeling comfortable in school, trusting their new environment, making friends, and feeling that they are part of a group; Emotionally by helping them to experience pride and self-confidence, develop independence and self-control, and to have a positive attitude towards life; Cognitively by helping them become confident learners, to acquire skills such as problem-solving, asking questions, using words to describe their ideas, observations, and feelings; and Physically by helping them increase their gross and fine motor skills, and to feel confident about what their bodies can do. 

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