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Teenage Students Raising Hands

About Our School

Family Christian School was established in 2004. We aspire to aid young people in becoming leaders beginning with early childhood and seeing them through their high school years. Helping children reach their God-given destiny is our main goal. We offer infant/toddler classes through the 12th grade. Family Christian School is fully accredited through the Tennessee Association of Non-public Academic Schools (TANAS). We are a recognized Category II, accredited, non-public school. Our teachers are highly qualified in their field. 

We are excited when families join our family and get behind this vision. Family Christian School is not easily described. It is really something you have to experience. We like to say it’s a parent’s love, a teacher’s pride, and a preacher’s passion. Contact us today and set up a time to experience FCS.

Our Mission

The mission of Family Christian School is to serve Christian families devoted to their children’s spiritual, academic, and social advancement by providing character development and academic achievement that celebrates the individuality, creativity and talents of each child to help them navigate their way to true success.

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