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All tuition payments will be automated via QuickBooks Online. This change was mandated in 2020 by the FCS Board of Directors, and keeps FCS moving in the direction of our mission.

ACH Draft FAQs

  • Where is my information stored?

    • Documents will only be accessed by the financial office as needed to conduct official business. They will be maintained in password protected folder on our secure, local server.

  • What if I cannot pay on the first of the month?

    • You may choose to contact the office to discuss selecting a different day on which to have funds withdrawn. This will be a consistent day of the month.


  • Do I have another option?

    • Yes, if you choose to do so, you may place a credit card on file to be automatically charged. This will incur an additional fee (a percentage) to you at a rate of 4%. You may also choose to opt out of automated payments by paying the year in full. This may be done by cash, check or credit card (at a 4% fee). 

  • What if my check is returned or my ACH payment doesn’t go through?

    • There will be a $25 returned payment fee, plus a 3% Transaction Fee applied to any Payments that are returned for insufficient funds.

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